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Simon Reeve – To The Ends Of The Earth

Simon Reeve – To The Ends Of The Earth

Thu 25 Apr

Simon Reeve 

To The Ends Of The Earth  

 Simon is an author and TV presenter, and one of the world’s most adventurous travellers. His unique brand of documentary film-making combines travel and adventure with current affairs, history, wildlife, culture and conservation. His journeys have taken him to more than 130 countries, across jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans, and to some of the most beautiful, dangerous and remote regions of the world.  

 In 2018 Simon’s first national theatre tour was completely sold out. Now he’s returning to venues across the UK with new tales and his new tour ‘To The Ends Of The Earth’. 

 On his new UK tour Simon will offer stories, surprises, thrills, deeper thoughts and hearty laughs. He wants to nudge and encourage audiences to get out of their comfort zone, take a few gentle risks in life, and embrace the great outdoors and the wider world. 

 With behind the scenes footage and stunning imagery, Simon will inspire and remind audiences that we all need more journeys in our lives, and plenty of wild experiences. 

 “A man whose very name is a guarantee of interesting television”  

The Observer  

 “Reeve is in a class of his own…” 

The Times 

 “If Simon Reeve is your guide, you know you’re going to be in for an epic adventure…” 

The Sun 

 His last tour was sold out, so book early!