Accessible Events
Accessible Events

Accessible Events

You can find listings for our upcoming BSL interpreted, Captioned and Audio Described events below as well as some general information on each type of performance.


What can I expect from a BSL Interpreted performance?

British Sign Language Interpreted Performances are performances where an interpreter is on stage interpreting the words and songs live. They are suitable for: Deaf people. Those with family members who use British Sign Language.


What does a Captioned performance look like?

Captioned performances have text on screens at the front of the auditorium so that deaf and hard of hearing, or anyone that would like to read along, can also enjoy the performance.


What is an Audio Described performance?

Audio Description is a live verbal commentary to assist patrons who are visually impaired. A trained Audio Describer will be in a box at the back of the auditorium with a view of the stage and will conduct the description live. The commentary can be heard via headsets.


What’s a Relaxed Performance?

A relaxed performance is where the ambience of the auditorium and theatre ‘rules’ are relaxed. These performances are ideal for people with learning disabilities or autism, or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

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