Queen's Theatre - Upstairs at the Queen's

Curtain Call

Thu 5 Dec 2019 - Wed 5 Feb 2020

Tickets £12

Join local historian Avril Stone as she takes you on a tour both
in front and behind the footlights of this 160 year old theatre.

Why not come and hear the history of the building from its
beginnings as a Corn Market and Music Hall. Then travel
through the years from the soup kitchens held in what is
today the foyer of the theatre then hear about the WWII fire
that razed the building to the ground and after its rebuild the
visit of Queen Elizabeth II soon after her coronation.
Come along and share in the memories of the Big Bands and
Pop groups, BBC radio shows, Carnival dances, successful
Parliamentary celebrations and local annual Operatic and
Musical Comedy productions and many more occasions the
Queen’s Theatre has played in the life of North Devon.