The Landmark

Beyond Therapy

Mon 23 - Wed 25 Sep 2019

Tickets £20

This quick witted and touching comedy focuses on Prudence and Bruce who with the help of their psychiatrists, meet through an online ad, but their date doesn’t go as planned. Bruce is highly emotional and likes to cry a lot. Prudence doesn’t think men should cry “unless something falls on them.”

Their first meeting proves to be disastrous before the two report back to their respective therapists— Stuart (Matt Lapinskas – Eastenders & Dancing on Ice) who is a macho pig and eccentric Charlotte (Mandy Holliday – Les mis / Little Britain) who references the play ‘Equus’ as a good source of advice. Clearly the two therapists are more troubled than their patients. Bruce and Prudence mistakenly meet again. Can they make things work a second time around?
Complications ensue when Prudence meets Bruce’s other lover and the whole thing comes to a chaotic end.
This modern day look at our relationships makes us all question whether or not we are all ‘Beyond Therapy’.

Mon 23 Sep 7.30pm
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Tue 24 Sep 7.30pm
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Wed 25 Sep 2.30pm
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Wed 25 Sep 7.30pm
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