Selladoor Creation (part of Selladoor Worldwide) in association with Paper Owls Production with the support of The Arts Council will produce a stage adaptation of popular CBeebies show Pablo to be developed at the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe in preparation for a 2020 UK tour.

The Selladoor venue in North Devon is earmarked to become a centre of excellence and development hub for new work for Selladoor Creation with Pablo the show marking their first project.
Dean Stewart Theatre Director at The Landmark says “We are delighted that the Landmark Theatre and Selladoor Creation has been awarded Arts Council Funding to bring this wonderful CBeebies show to life on our stage.
Ilfracombe is quite simply the perfect quirky, creative location to launch this tour and be the starting point of Pablo’s exciting journey beyond North Devon with Selladoor.”
Along with fostering new work alongside Selladoor Creative, the Landmark Theatre is committed to putting the local community at the heart of everything they do. There is a focus on ensuring community work has a substantial place within their programming and they are keen to nurture local talent – this year already staging two productions with Petroc College in Devon. The recent appointment of Carol Turner as Creative learning Manager will work toward continuing to encourage groups of all shapes and sizes to use their spaces with opportunities including workshops and classes, ensuring the venue is inclusive and accessible for all.
Carol Taylor says “After many years as Education Officer of the North Devon Theatres, I am so excited to be returning as Creative Learning Manager and developing a programme of classes for all ages to engage fully in creative arts and culture. Pablo is a wonderful addition to the many workshops, community group and events we have planned in Ilfracombe and look forward to telling everybody about in the coming months.”

Selladoor Creation are committed to the development of new work. Building on an already extensive portfolio of commissions and adaptations, their aim is to commission a wide variety of bold new works which include musicals, adaptations of novels, and exciting new takes on classic stories.
Anna Fox, Head of New Work for Selladoor Creation says “This is such an exciting and important project. Pablo brought a whole new voice to the Autism conversation when it first came to our TV screens in 2017 and we want to continue that conversation into the world of theatre. Through this experience, youngsters can learn about how others might think differently to them and what the world is like for those with autism and also have a whole lot of fun!”
Pablo follows the fantastic adventures of a 5-year-old boy who is on the autism spectrum. The smart, funny and
creative boy draws imaginary animal friends which come to life to help him handle situations which make him feel anxious, such as going for a haircut or to the supermarket. To cope with the challenges he faces, Pablo enters into an animated art world, the world of his imagination where he is able to explore things that confuse him. With the help of his animal friends, Pablo is free to work through things and figure them out, having lots of fun along the way.
Magic crayons, animated friends and a wonderful imagination… these are the tools that five and a half-year-old Pablo uses to turn life’s little challenges into big adventures. The stage adaptation of Pablo will take all of these ingredients to bring Pablo’s colourful and magical world to life on stage; translating the cartoon in a fresh and unique way – Much like the TV show, cast and the creative team will include individuals who are on the Autistic spectrum.
The announcement marks exciting times for Pablo following this week’s first episode of the brand new series on CBeebies with a host of new fun-filled new episodes and a whole series of adventures to look forward to. With the recent announcement of a four-book publishing deal from Penguin and a music album in development alongside the theatre project, the Pablo brand is fast becoming a fully-fledged franchise – making bigger strides in its mission to make autism more widely understood and accepted.
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